History ~ before the first building, the Church was

First Anglican Church "Holy Trinity" Yarram Yarram

Holy Trinity existed as a congregation of believers before the church-building itself even existed!

It's is believed that the first recorded service, preached by Rev. Willoughby Bean at Yarram Yarram, was held in the family home of the Carpenter family on the 19th of July 1857.
The Mechanic's Institute and school room behind the Public Hall were also local premises where the church gathered to worship the risen Lord, Jesus Christ.  From the 5th of November 1865 Rev. G. D. Macartney is recorded as being the official minister of this congregation as well as Alberton and Tarraville.

On the 17th of May in 1866, for unknown reasons, the Public Hall's Trustees suddenly refused the use of the hall. The next and final service was held there on 22nd of June 1866, and a lecture previously planned to also be held there 5 days later was to be postponed "not through any trouble but on account of the rain".

In the true style of the Christian faith, which believes that God brings about good from seemingly bad circumstances, on the 13th of August the first steps were taken towards the first Church of England having her own building and a lecture was given by Rev. Macartney on the 11th of September 1867 to raise funds for the building.